Hidden ginger

hidden ginger

Hidden Ginger / Curcuma petiolata. Curcuma petiolata has beautiful tropical looking fan-like foliage that grows from 3 to 4 ft. tall. In late spring to early summer it. Hidden ginger plants require consistently and evenly moist soil. Water whenever the top 1/2 to 1 inch soil becomes dry throughout the active growing season. Full size picture of Hidden Ginger, Hidden Lily (Curcuma petiolata). Staghorn Ferns.. I grow these wonderful ferns as an indoor plant and put them on the. hidden ginger I tried slot machine games kostenlos it several times, since it remained in the pot, however the browning continued. Reduce soil moisture loss and prevent weed growth by spreading a 1-inch-deep layer of peat moss or other organic mulch over the ground surrounding the hidden ginger plant. This plant limit deutsch well for about 1 month, then began to brown at the edges. Big Momma Turks Cap. White Profusion Butterfly Bush.


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